Pedders latest offering, the EziFit strut. Now available for the Subaru Forester SG

Here at Pedders Suspension, we are always looking to give more to our customers.We are now proud to present our latest offering for the Subaru Forester.

Ezi Fit Struts!

Rather than purchasing separate springs, dampers, bump stops and then having to pay a technician to dis-assemble and re-assemble the parts for you, you can now buy the complete strut and just bolt it on yourself!

Currently, these struts are only available for the Forester SG rear suspension at standard height.

Subaru Forester SG Pedders EziFit Strut Conversion Kit Rear.

Forester SG EziFit Conversion kit

We have the new EziFit struts in stock and ready to ship out.

Just think of the saving! Buying standard replacement struts for your Forester SG (shocks, springs, bump stops, etc etc) would set you back over £850 per strut!! That’s £1700 in parts just for the rear struts.

Pedders are offering the EziFit struts at just £326.28 for the pair plus postage.

Add to that saving the time which won’t be needed by your garage (or your own time working on the car) and we’re into some serious savings.

If you prefer to buy the parts separately as before, these are still available on the Forester SG parts page and all discounts are still applicable to the individual parts.


Michael @ Pedders

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